About Closed Captions

Closed captions are additional text shown within a video during playback. The captions typically contain an audio transcript of the video.

Benefits of Closed Captions

Closed captions improve the playback experience by providing text-based narration for:
  • hearing impaired viewers
  • viewers who are not fluent in the spoken language of the video
Adding closed captions has been shown to significantly increase the viewership of online content. In addition, regulations require many government and educational sites to have closed captions available for their video content.

Considerations for Closed Captions

  • Although you can technically add closed captions to any type of asset, they make sense primarily with videos, remote assets, and YouTube videos.
  • The default behavior of closed captions in Player V3 is "Off". You can enable closed captions with the JavaScript function setClosedCaptionsLanguage(), described here.
  • The Ooyala Android and iOS Mobile SDKs use device-defined Closed Captions Style information. However, some devices, including some older Samsung devices, do not support these features.