Comparison of Discovery Profile Settings in Backlot UI and API

This is a comparison of the Backlot UI and the API for creating discovery profiles.

You create discovery profiles using the Backlot UI. You configure and use discovery profiles using either the Backlot UI or the Discovery API. While the Backlot UI is sufficient for the most common configuration tasks, the Discovery API offers additional configuration options.

Profile Setting API Backlot UI Description/Notes
Configure Up Next video play initiate (in seconds) Yes No For API usage information, see Setting the Default Countdown.
Display Discovery tray in pause screen Yes Yes
Configure Discover tray click behavior No Yes For Backlot UI usage, see Configuring Discovery in the Backlot UI.
Recommend content from profile Yes Yes  
Recommendation scope Yes Yes
Promote content from specific label to position Yes Yes Use labels to assert content in recommendations.
Promote sequential content from custom metadata Yes Yes Use custom metadata filters to provide recommendations based on sequential content.
Include sub-account assets Yes Yes
Hide recommendation thumbnails Yes Yes For more information, see Hiding Thumbnails.
Sort by post_order="recency" Yes No "Recency" sorts from newest to oldest.
from_content_types Yes No You can include content types like video or live_stream.
exclude_content_types Yes No You can exclude content types like video or live_stream.
post_order Yes No Sort recommendations based on when the video was posted.
overrides Yes No After a video is played, you can show the Discover tray or the "Up Next" video.