Managing Discovery Profiles

Learn how create, update, enable, disable, and use discovery profiles.

Creating Discovery Profiles in the Backlot UI

Note: In its initial conception, discovery profiles were intended to be used only with specific video players. However, their actual use is independent of the player.
You must first create a named player with the Backlot UI according to the steps in Configuring Discovery in the Backlot UI. When you create a player, a default discovery profile is created along with it.
Note: The discovery profile has the same identifier as its associated player. This identifier is on the lower left of the player Discovery tab in the Backlot UI:

Updating Discovery Profiles

You can update a discovery profile in either of the following ways:

Enabling and Disabling Discovery Profiles

You can enable or disable a discovery profile in either of the following ways:

Using Discovery Profiles

If you rely on the named Ooyala Player embedded in your web page, it uses its associated discovery profile.

With the Discovery API, to make actual use of a profile in recommendations, you refer to the profile identifier on any of the API "read" requests listed in Summary of Ooyala Discovery REST API Requests.