Summary of Ooyala Discovery REST API Requests

Use the Discovery REST API to configure various aspects of the service, obtain recommendations, and obtain other user-related data.

The following table below summarizes the requests and categorizes them by read/write functions. For simplicity, the exact syntax of the routes is not shown - click the link to see a more detailed explanation.

  Request Purpose Read / Write
1 /v2/discover/trending?discovery_profile=profile_id Get the most popular content. Read
2 /v2/discover/trending/momentum Get trending content (videos with the most momentum). Read
3 /v2/discover/similar/assets, /v2/discover/similar/externalassets, /v2/discover/similar/live_assets Get related content. Read
4 /v2/player/player_id/discovery/profile Create configuration profiles for retrieving recommendations. Write
5 /v2/discover/feedback/impression, /v2/discover/feedback/play Record displays of videos. Record video plays. Write
6 /v2/discover/editorial Create bundles of content for promotion. Write
Read requests (#1, #2, and #3) are the "workhorses" of Ooyala Discovery. These all return a base set of recommendations from discovery's machine-learning algorithm. You can create this base set in two mutually exclusive ways:
  • With predefined discovery profiles that configure the results according to your desired behavior (see Discovery Profiles). This is the recommended mechanism and is the usage shown in request #1 above. The example request shown here is for 'popular' content recommendations, but profiles can be used on any of the read requests.
  • With "editorial" query string parameters on the API request itself (see Discovery Editorial Query String Parameters).
Write requests (#4, #5, and #6) are used less frequently because they are most often one-time configuration settings.