Playback Authorization, Including Token-based Authentication and Restrictions

Playback authorization, which includes token-based authentication, is an additional security layer on top of protected streaming. This category is broad and encompasses many different technologies.

Token-based Authentication

Token-based authentication, required for RTMPE, ensures that encrypted content cannot be downloaded until the client has been verified and prevents content from being played in a non-Ooyala player. There are several kinds of token-based authentication.

Ooyala Playback Token

The Ooyala Playback Token, which in general is for authenticating users, is foundational in many of Ooyala's content protection features. See details in Ooyala Player Token for Player V3 (Deprecated), including integrating with the iOS and Android SDKs from Ooyala. (Available only if your Ooyala account includes this functionality. To enable Ooyala Player Token, contact your account manager.)

CDN Token

The purpose of the so-called "CDN token" is to protect the content on a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

One example is Akamai token-based authentication. See the details in Akamai Secure Token.


A composite content protection system, Widevine Modular includes playback authorization and other features.

If you want to integrate Widevine Modular with Ooyala, contact your Ooyala Customer Success Manager. More details on integrating with Widevine Modular are in Widevine Modular Content Protection.

Adobe Access

Note: Ooyala integration with Adobe Access DRM has been deprecated and is scheduled to be disabled. For details and alternatives, see the OVP Release Notes.

Adobe Access DRM technology enables a variety of business models that lets you protect premium content across devices. More details on integrating with Adobe Access are in Adobe Access DRM (Deprecated).


PlayReady is a DRM technology by Microsoft, used to protect premium content from beingviewed without a valid license. It is used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Smooth Streamingprotocol. Ooyala provides a set of comprehensive content protection features that work together to provide you with the ability to secure your content. More details on integrating with PlayReady are in PlayReady Content Protection.

Adobe Pass

Adobe Pass is categorized as playback authorization, not digital rights management (DRM). More details on integrating with Adobe Pass are in Integrating Adobe Pass with Ooyala Player.