Digital Rights Management (DRM) Systems

These DRM systems are can be integrated with Ooyala:

  • Apple's FairPlay Streaming provides content protection for Apple devices. More details: Apple FairPlay.
  • PlayReady from Microsoft, which is designed to protect content on mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and other consumer electronics. For PlayReady, DRM is enforced with Ooyala publishing rules and PlayReady policies. More details: PlayReady Content Protection.
  • The Widevine Modular multi-platform DRM provides the capability to license, securely distribute, and protect playback of multimedia content on any customer device. Widevine utilizes user authentication through token-based options such as the Ooyala Player Token. More details: Widevine Modular Content Protection
  • Adobe Access DRM (Deprecated) DRM technology enables a variety of business models that lets you protect premium content across devices.

DRM Policies

  • Configurable DRM, which lets your Customer Success Manager or Ooyala Support create multiple DRM policies. Once enabled, you can assign any policy to any asset after ingestion. More details: Configurable DRM.