Discovery Plays Report: Leaderboard 1 (No Longer Available)

Note: This feature is no longer available. Switch to the Discovery module (tab) in Ooyala IQ for tracking Discovery-powered engagement growth. For details, see Viewing Discovery Insights.
The Discovery Plays report lists the top Discovery plays during the week covered by the report.

Report File Name

The report file name is Discovery_leaderboard1_<yyyymmdd>_<yyyymmdd>_<PID>.csv.

Report Fields

The report includes the following fields.
Field Description
Player_ID The Backlot ID of the Ooyala player. A player_ID of '0' is used to show aggregate metrics across all players.
Player_Name The Backlot name of the Ooyala player.
Asset_Title The title of the recommended video.
Embed_Code The Backlot embed code of the recommended video.
Plays The number of times the video was played via Discovery.

*PID in the file name is the Provider ID and an Ooyala reference for your Backlot account. Each account has a different Provider ID. You can therefore use this to distinguish your CSV reports if you have multiple Backlot accounts.