Discovery Leads Report: Leaderboard 2 (No Longer Available)

Note: This feature is no longer available. Switch to the Discovery module (tab) in Ooyala IQ for tracking Discovery-powered engagement growth. For details, see Viewing Discovery Insights.
The Discovery Leads report lists the top videos that resulted in a Discovery play during the week covered by the report. This report is useful to understand what content is driving additional plays.

Report File Name

The report file name is Discovery_leaderboard2_<yyyymmdd>_<yyyymmdd>_<PID>.csv

Report Fields

The report includes the following fields.
Field Description
Player_ID The Backlot ID of the Ooyala player. A player_ID of '0' is used to show aggregate metrics across all players.
Player_Name The Backlot name of the Ooyala player.
Asset_Title The title of the recommended video.
Embed_Code The Backlot embed code of the recommended video.
Leads The number of times this video led to a Discovery play.

*PID in the file name is the Provider ID and an Ooyala reference for your Backlot account. Each account has a different Provider ID. You can therefore use this to distinguish your CSV reports if you have multiple Backlot accounts.