Delivery Protocols

Ooyala supports several methods for delivering content.

Supported Delivery Protocols

Method Description
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Apple’s solution for adaptive bitrate delivery. The source files for this format are packaged in an MPEG-2 Transport Stream which is then broken up into a series of smaller chunks (.ts files) and referenced in a .M3U8 playlist file index. Clients read the index file to request the chunks in the correct sequence. Depending on the available bandwidth the client chooses chunks from appropriate bitrates, allowing for seamless bitrate transitioning. This format is ideal for streaming video to iOS devices; it has native support on iOS 3.0 or later and Safari 4.0 or later.
Encrypted HLS (E-HLS) Encrypted version of HLS.
HTTP Smooth Streaming (HSS) Microsoft's solution for adaptive bitrate delivery. It is a part of IIS Media Services and enables streaming media to Silverlight and other clients over HTTP. HSS detects local bandwidth and CPU conditions to switch bit-rates in near real time to offer the highest quality video that network and device conditions will allow. The files are delivered in a fragmented MP4 format and are stored as ISMV files.
Progressive Download Lacks the heuristic capabilities that optimize quality for screen size and connections, but offers a lot of flexibility and is supported by almost all devices.
HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) Adobe's solution for adaptive bitrate delivery which delivers adaptive bitrate MP4 media over standard HTTP connections. This format only works with devices that support Flash.
Note: The HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), including Akamai HDS (or HD2) streaming protocol, use Flash. Browsers have been disabling and blocking the Flash plugin. As a result, Ooyala strongly recommends that customers encode and use HLS and Dash moving forward.

Azure Support

Azure supports the following output formats:

  • H.264 video and AAC audio in an MP4 container
  • HLS for iOS and Android
  • HDS (see above note)

Azure does not support the following input formats:

  • VP-6 is not supported for video
  • AC-3 is not supported for audio
Azure VOD currently supports the following delivery protocols:
  • HLS
  • HDS (see above note)
  • progressive download