Errors and Error Handling Overview

Use error messages to track down and troubleshoot issues.

Error Sources

Errors originate from many sources. To help you find the error information you are looking for, we categorize errors as:
  • User-facing - The player displays these errors to the user in the Player UI.
  • Player V3 JavaScript - We provide JavaScript-based error handing and error tracking functions.
  • Player V3 Event-based - Player V3 uses message bus event handling.
  • Mobile SDK - Our mobile SDKs support our Player V3 JavaScript and Flash players. They have some specific error handling mechanisms.
  • Ingestion - Uploading your content using Ooyala or third-party ingestion methods can generate errors.
  • Other External - We support a Flash Player, third-party ads integration managers, CDNs, and content protection mechanisms. Errors can originate from these sources. We provide some links to help you check if your errors are coming from these sources.
You can start to troubleshoot many common issues and/or errors that arise by the following steps:
  1. Make sure your configuration meets our Supported Standards.
  2. Check if your issue is answered in one of our Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. Use error messages or codes to narrow down your issue. Check out our User-facing Errors, Player Error messages, and Player Error Event messages.
  4. Search our Community Knowledge Base for similar questions and possible solutions.
  5. File a Support Ticket.