Next Steps

Now that you’ve uploaded and watched your video, you are probably asking “What next?”

Design and Layout

You can control the look and feel of how your content is displayed within the Ooyala Player. For example, you might want to create a basic player that has your watermark and custom colors. Or, you might want to have your developers create a custom player from scratch. For information about creating a basic player, see Managing Players in Backlot. For information about creating an advanced player, see Player Developer Guide.

  • Grouping Content—you can group video together in channels and collections of channels in channel sets. For more information, see Channels and Channel Sets (Deprecated).

  • Embedding—Although you already embedded a video, you might want to automate the process. To do so, use syndication and labels. Syndications are structured lists of content that computers can easily process. Labels are tags that you assign to videos that help organize them and that can be used to add them to syndications. Once set up, one of your developers can create code to automatically embed videos from specified syndications. For information about syndications, see Syndication.

    For information about labels, see Labels. For information on manually embedding videos, see Manual Publishing.


  • Setting Restrictions—Once you are ready to distribute your content, you might want to set restrictions. For example, you can limit your content to specific countries, domains, devices, and periods of time. For more information, see Publishing Rules.

  • External Publishing—You can publish your content to YouTube, Boxee, Roku, iPhones, and other places. For more information, see Syndication.

    If you want to publish your content to an unsupported destination, you can create a custom feed using Universal Syndication. For more information, see Universal Syndication Template Language.


  • Performance—Analytics gives you insight on the value of your video assets and the effectiveness of programming strategies. You can view general viewership analytics, geographic results, social performance, performance by domain, and engagement for individual videos. For more information, see Ooyala IQ Analytics User Guide.


Ooyala enables you to make money from your content, whether you have your own ad inventory or you want to work with an ad source such as Ooyala Pulse, Google, FreeWheel, or LiveRail. For more information, see Monetization.

Broadcast Studio

Ooyala can help you build a multi-channel live television network with a mix of live and video on demand (VOD) content, delivered to televisions, computers, tablets, and smartphones. For more information, contact Sales, your Customer Success Manager, or Technical Support.


For high value content that needs additional protection, Ooyala supports a number of digital rights management (DRM) technologies for different devices. For more information, contact Sales, your Customer Success Manager, or Technical Support.

Increasing Engagement

  • Ooyala Discovery—Ooyala Discovery helps keep viewers on your site longer by providing them with suggestions for popular and similar content. For more information, see About Discovering and Recommending Content.
  • Twitter and Facebook—When users share your content on Facebook and Twitter, it can dramatically increase engagement with your content and brand. For more information on integrating with social networks, go to Social Media Integrations
  • SEO—You can publish Google Sitemaps to quickly propagate your content to Google. For more information, see Syndication.
  • iOS and Android—To increase engagement with your brand, you can embed videos within your iOS and Android apps. For more information, see Mobile Platform Development