Configuring the Ooyala Player for HEVC Playback

Ooyala Web Player

Include a page-level parameter of "preferHevc":true. This will enable the run-time detection of HEVC support for the browser/hardware.

Ooyala SDKs

All Ooyala SDKs after version 4.34.x will detect HEVC support during player initialization if configured to do so. To configure the SDKs, you will need:

  • For iOS: Create an OOOptions instance with the HEVCEnabled property set to true. Pass the OOOptions to OOOoyalaPlayer when creating a new instance of it. It will enable HEVC for that particular player.
  • For Android: Build an Options instance and enable HEVC on it. Example: Options options = new Options.Builder().enableHevc(true).build(); Pass the Options to OoyalaPlayer when creating a new instance of it. HEVC is then enabled for that player.

If HEVC is supported, it will pass the HEVC_Preferred parameter to SAS. If they are available, then SAS will return a manifest with only the HEVC streams in the manifest. If no HEVC-encoded assets are available, it will return the h.264/AVC streams only.