Ingesting with the Backlot UI

Use the Backlot UI to manually upload content into Backlot.

You can use the Backlot UI to manually upload and manage videos, thumbnails, and closed caption files.
Once ingested, you can use Backlot to configure asset settings and manage the asset, including:
Content Backlot UI For more information
video title and description Manage > Details subtab > Title, Description Managing Video Details
thumbnails Manage > Details subtab > Preview Image Managing the Preview Image
flight times Manage > Publishing Rules subtab > Flight Times Managing Publishing Rules for Channel Sets (Deprecated)
closed captions Manage > Details subtab Uploading a Closed Caption File in Backlot
custom metadata Manage > Custom Metadata subtab Managing Custom Metadata
MRSS Publish -> External Publishing Syndication with Source MRSS
The Backlot UI is a manual upload process. To upload large numbers of videos, there are automated and more efficient ways (see About Ingesting Content.). If you want to use the Backlot UI for occasional uploading, see Uploading a Video.