Manifest File Formats

When ingesting videos, you can use manifest files to specify extra metadata (including the video title, description, flight times, labels, and custom metadata), as well as thumbnail and closed caption files. Manifest files are in either XML or CSV format.
Note: This topic applies to both OIS v2.5 and OIS v1. Certain sections, where indicated, apply to just one version. OIS v1 has been disabled. Customers using OIS v1 should switch to OIS v2.5.

OIS v1 only: You must let Ooyala know whether you will use XML or CSV format in your manifest files. Each requires its own set of credentials. Contact your Ooyala representative for details.

Note: Backlot does not begin processing any of the videos until the XML or CSV manifest file is received. As a result, it is important to choose a batch upload strategy. If your videos must be available quickly (e.g., news distribution), you should create very small batches or even batch them individually (one CSV or XML file per video).

In addition to the static CSV and XML manifest file formats, you can use filters to apply dynamic manifest criteria to assets. See Dynamic Manifests.