Ooyala is the leader in online video management, publishing, analytics and monetization. Our integrated suite of technologies and services give content owners the power to expand audiences and the deep insights that drive increased viewer engagement and revenue from video.


No matter how much video you create, Ooyala will handle it. It’s easy for your whole team to upload, manage, and publish.

  • The Right Fit—Ooyala integrates with nearly any Content Management System (CMS) or with your own in-house system. Manage videos individually or in bulk.
  • Full Access, Full Control—Backlot gives account access to exactly the people you choose: the whole team for some features, selected managers for others.
  • All Screens and Sizes—Upload once and relax. Our distributed cloud transcodes automatically for all major formats and screens, quickly and reliably.
  • Your Player, Your Look—Of course you want your video to reflect your brand. Truly customize your player or use our templates—we support players in Silverlight, Flash, and HTML5.
  • Remote Assets—Pull video from other remote online sources with ease so you can host your sensitive content on your own servers.
  • Custom Metadata—Assign key-value pairs to each of your videos. You can use custom metadata to organize and categorize content, store information about videos to display on pages on which they are embedded, specify information about how to display videos (such as CSS data), process data for workflow integration, or meet other requirements.
  • Video Labels—Label your videos with topics like fashion or customer support, or nest multiple labels like animals > pets > dogs. Then syndicate your video or create dynamic players based on those labels. Labels also provide a logical mapping to sections of your site to help improve video management.
  • Faster Transcoding and Encoding—Ooyala’s own transcoding cloud splits incoming files into pieces for speedy and efficient parallel processing. Decoding and encoding are done across multiple nodes, with new nodes added dynamically to scale with your business needs. Ooyala supports the latest encoding and delivery formats including HTTP Live Streaming, Smooth Streaming, HTTP Dynamic Streaming, RTMP, RTMPE, Akamai HD Network, and Progressive Download.


A mobile phone in Madrid. A big screen in Boston. A laptop in the Outback. Backlot delivers your video with superb quality to every screen in the world.

  • Built to Engage—Grab modern viewers with HD-quality video, plus interactive elements that let them click videos to vote, shop, or chime in.
  • TV Everywhere—Ooyala has built technology to deliver HD video to TV screens through Roku, Boxee, and other set-top boxes, or direct to Internet connected TVs like Panasonic, LG, and Samsung.
  • Full Syndication—Publish video across YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, and Roku. Or build your own MRSS feeds to publish directly to partners. Ooyala makes it easy to build reach and revenue.
  • Your Viewers are Mobile—Transcode video for all formats and devices, with adaptive bitrate delivery and dynamic player swap to HTML5. Ooyala lets you monetize mobile video, too, with integrated mobile ads.
  • Live Streaming—Live streaming is now as easy as on-demand video, thanks to Ooyala’s native support of live streams. Full analytics, syndication, and adaptive bitrate delivery are included.
  • Adaptive Bitrate Power—We were the first to develop adaptive bitrate technology for Flash to give viewers the best viewing experience, no matter what the device or connection speed. We continue to develop technology to ensure viewers have the optimal experience on all devices everywhere in the world.
  • You’re in Control—Want to publish your video only in South Korea? Only on weekdays? Only on particular domains? Everywhere and all the time? Geo-targeting and other targeting tools give you full control.
  • Closed Captions—Need Section 508 compliance? Ooyala can help. And closed captions do more than help hearing-impaired viewers: they make your content more visible to search engines.
  • Social Sharing—Give them the chance, and your viewers will share your video—down to a precise scene—across Facebook, Twitter, and social media of all kinds. And with Ooyala analytics, you can see how and where your video is being shared.


With real time analytics for live and on-demand video, you'll get the data you need to truly understand how, when, and where your content is seen and shared by viewers. What keeps viewers watching? When do they lose interest? What do they share? Actionable Analytics ends the guesswork. With the clear numbers in hand, you’ll build a content and monetization strategy that really works.

  • A Content Strategy That Works—Ooyala publishers get the data they need to truly understand how, when, and where their content is seen and shared by viewers. Publishers use that real-time data to boost engagement and earn more money from their videos. That's why we call them Actionable Analytics.
  • Earn More from Every Video—How many ads are best? Which placements earn the most revenue? How much should you charge for a video? Actionable Analytics shows you how to maximize revenue.
  • Who’s Watching? And How?—Know your audience: where they’re located (by country, state, or Designated Marketing Area), whether they watch on laptops, mobile devices, or on living room TVs, and much more. You can even drill down to city-level performance to see which videos are being watched in Buffalo or Buenos Aires.
  • APIs That Work With You—Use our flexible APIs to build your own custom dashboard to monitor viewership, build executive reports, or track your own special interests. Omniture and Visible Measures have plugins that pull Ooyala video analytics directly into their reports.
  • Domain Reports—Full reports on top-level domains and individual URLs let you see exactly where your video is embedded and shared around the web.
  • Geography Reports—With city-level reporting, you’ll see exactly where your video is making an impact.
  • Designated Market Areas (DMA) Reports—DMA reach and frequency numbers can be crucial for large media companies who prefer to buy ads by these industry-standard zones.
  • Engagement Reports—Second-by-second engagement and abandonment data shows you just what’s working, and where ads can earn the most.
  • Unique Visitor Reports—Track how many visitors are watching videos—then compare results for multiple videos by day, week or month.
  • Social Sharing Reports—See how viewers share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  • Device Reports—Find out how many of your video views come from PCs, mobile phones, iPads, and other devices. Are you optimizing your content for the ways people are watching.
  • External Publishing and YouTube Reports—Your video has a life beyond your site. If you’re not tracking external views, you’re only seeing part of the picture.


Ooyala is a monetization solution just as much as a video solution. Ad and integrated paywall monetization options are available, along with superb analytics to measure and improve results. And the drag-and-drop interface makes it all easy.

  • Ad Serving Made Easy—Backlot has built-in integration with over two dozen leading ad networks, including the one you’re probably using right now. If you prefer, use Backot's built-in ad server to sell your own inventory.
  • Drag-and-Drop Simple—Placing ads is as simple as dragging them to any point in the video you choose. That makes it easy to place ads where they minimize viewer drop-off and maximize revenue.
  • Manage Ads in Bulk—Create your own ad sets by theme or content, then manage ads for all those videos at once — for instance, add a pre-roll to all sports or news videos.
  • Video Countdown—A player ad counter shows viewers exactly how long they'll be exposed to each ad. That means happier viewers and fewer dropouts.
  • Ad APIs—As always with Ooyala, our engineering team has built flexible APIs to let you customize and simplify your ad workflow.
  • Paywall Integration—with third-party paywall vendors.
  • New Opportunities to Earn—Live pay-per-view, on-demand rentals, syndication by country or city: Ooyala makes it all possible.


Mobile video is now the largest part of all mobile data traffic, and it will continue to grow at a 100% annual compound rate through 2015. With 750 million 3G mobile subscribers in the world already, a rock-solid mobile video strategy is a must for your business.

  • Reach Mobile Viewers—Ooyala swaps in an HTML5 compatible player automatically for playback on the iPhone and iPad. Flash 10.1 support ensures flawless playback on Android and other mobile devices.
  • Deliver Securely to iOS Devices—Publishers can now deliver their video to iPods, iPhones, and iPads in an encrypted format, making it more difficult to pirate the content. Ooyala is the first online video solution to offer secure iOS delivery.
  • Stream Live Content—You’ll reach more customers when you stream live content to iOS devices. Ooyala's integrated turn-key solution lets you set up an iOS-friendly live stream in minutes.
  • Understand How Mobile Viewers are Watching—Rich reporting down to the individual video level lets you learn more about mobile viewers and design strategies that will earn you more from every view. Use advanced trend data to compare video consumption across mobile devices including Android, iPhone, and iPad and see just how your rapidly your mobile viewership is growing.
  • Live Streaming—Live streaming is now as easy as on-demand video, thanks to Ooyala’s native support of live streams. Full analytics, syndication, and adaptive bitrate delivery are included.
  • Always the Best Viewing Experience—With adaptive bit rate for iOS devices, your viewers will always have the best quality viewing experience no matter their cellular network or connection speed.
  • Monetize Mobile Content—Ooyala is VAST compliant, so ads can be streamed from multiple ad networks and servers into a mobile Flash or HTML5 player – we are also integrated with popular Ad Servers like FreeWheel across both Flash and HTML5 meaning you can monetize viewers no matter what device they are watching on.
  • Content Restrictions on iOS Devices—With Publishing Rules, it's possible to restrict content playback to particular geographies, domains, and time ranges. If you have licensing agreements with content owners, Publishing Rules ensures you can satisfy distribution restrictions.

Powerful and Extensible APIs

  • Backlot API—Gives your developers access to all core Backlot functions; many publishers use it to integrate with a third-party CMS.
  • Ingestion API—Pull in content from nearly any device or website, programmatically control bulk uploads and integrate with other video creation and ingestion systems.
  • Player API—Lets you brand and customize your player and add rich media features like interactive video and novel monetization experiences.