Configuring the Ooyala Player Options

The iOS Mobile SDK allows you to programmatically configure Ooyala Player options, including TV Ratings, VisualOn, cue points, and other options. To get started, view the documentation for the OOOptions class available in the Mobile SDK for iOS.

Once you create an instance of the OOOptions class, you can set any of the available options. The following example, which configures the promo image, preload content, and connection timeout, illustrates how to create the object and configure the desired options:
  OOOptions *options = [OOOptions new];

  if (_switch1 != nil) {
    options.showPromoImage = _switch1.on;

  if (_switch2 != nil) {
    options.preloadContent = _switch2.on;

  if (_text1 != nil) {
    NSTimeInterval timeout = [_text1.text floatValue];
    options.connectionTimeout = timeout;

  // Create Ooyala ViewController
  OOOoyalaPlayer *player = [[OOOoyalaPlayer alloc] initWithPcode:self.pcode domain:[[OOPlayerDomain alloc] initWithString:self.playerDomain] options:options];

See OptionsViewController for a complete code example.