Add a Channel

Set up a channel so that you can create schedules and events then stream your live content.

Call-out Number Description
Important: You should add at least one slate before you add a channel. Typically, you are required to add a slate to each channel. To read more about slates, see Slates.
2 Click ADD CHANNEL to create a channel. The initial configuration of your Ooyala Live account constrains your choices when creating a channel.
3 Click START to start a channel. If your channel is running, you can click STOP from the Channels page to stop your channel.
4 Click VIEW CHANNEL DETAILS to view and edit various channel details.

Add Channel Workflow

Here is the basic workflow for adding a channel. Your specific choices while adding a channel are constrained by the profile created at during the initial configuration of your Ooyala Live account. For this example we are using the Ooyala Package.
For additional details about channels, see Considerations When Adding and Managing Channels.
Important: If you choose Custom for the Packaging Partner, you will need URLs for the following package types.
  • Dash—Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP is an adaptive bit-rate streaming technique that supports high quality streaming of media over the Internet.
  • HLS—HTTP Live Streaming protocol implemented by Apple Inc., using standard HTTP transactions.
  • HDS—HTTP Dynamic Streaming, is Adobe's protocol for adaptive bit-rate streaming for Flash Video.
  • Smooth—IIS Smooth Streaming Transport Protocol is Microsoft's adaptive streaming technology.