Setting Up a High Availability Channel

Set up a High Availability (HA) channel to ensure that your live content is always available.

HA Channels are a logical representation of multiple channels working in parallel to stream content to a common end point. Functions of a HA Channel include automatic failover and reliability.

Create High Availability Channel Workflow

Considerations for Basic Configuration of HA Channels

  • HA Channel—A virtual representation of a channel that combines and manages output from multiple 24x7 or ad-hoc channels.
    Important: You must have two channels either 24x7 or ad-hoc that are compatible before you can create a HA channel.
  • Sub-channel—A sub-channel of an HA channel can be either a 24x7 or ad-hoc channel. The priority 1 sub-channel streams content to HA channel. While the priority 2 sub-channel is running, its content is not being streamed to the HA channel.
  • Failover—Failover occurs when one of the child channels stops running and all traffic is moved to the channel that is still running.
  • Important: Before adding an HA channel, all ENCODING, PACKAGING, and SYNDICATION choices must be made in the sub-channels.
  • HA sub-channels created with DRM enabled profiles must use the same DRM packaging output profile.