Integration with Amazon Fire TV on Android

The Ooyala Skin UI now works with Amazon Fire TV 2014 and 2015 using the Fire TV Remote.

Amazon Fire TV uses a forked version of ExoPlayer, and supports Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android applications. For more information, see

To run Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android applications on Fire TV, customize your skin.json file so that it only includes applicable functionality and excludes any functionality that is not usable on Fire TV. See for an example of how to customize the skin.json file.

The following features have been tested and are supported when using Ooyala Skin UI with Amazon Fire TV on Android:

  • Players: ExoPlayer

  • Ads: Pulse, Freewheel, IMA

  • Analytics: Adobe Analytics, Nielsen, NPAW, and IQ

  • Streams: MP4, HLS, DASH

  • DRM: Widevine DASH


  • You cannot use earlier versions of the Ooyala Skin UI.

  • The following Ooyala Skin UI elements are not interactive:
    • Up Next
    • Discovery
    • Closed Captions
    • Learn More (about Ads)
    • Skip Ads