Integration with Google IMA on Android

With the Ooyala SDK for integrating Google IMA (Interactive Media Ads), the same advertising experience you have created on the desktop can be created on mobile devices.

Note: This software and documentation is for Google IMA with Ooyala's Mobile SDK for use on mobile devices. For Google IMA for the desktop player, see Google IMA Ad Plugin.

Some key design principles behind Ooyala's SDK for Google IMA include:
  • Ooyala's IMA Manager object, incorporates all of the necessary functions of the Google IMA SDK, so that you do not need to be concerned with working directly with Google's calls.
  • We built the Ooyala SDK for Google IMA on top of our mobile SDKs, so you can continue to use their basic functions.

What You Need

To get started with Ooyala’s Android SDK for Google IMA, download the following:

  1. Ooyala Mobile SDK for Android (available from Ooyala Downloads)
  2. Ooyala Google IMA SDK for Android (Ooyala Google IMA Android) (available from Ooyala Downloads)
  3. Google IMA Libraries (from the Google Developer website)
    Note: While using the latest version of the Google IMA libraries please make sure the version you are using is compatible with the latest Ooyala integrations.
  4. Google Android SDK
  5. Android Studio IDE
  6. The Google Play Services Project imported into Android Studio.

Prerequisite: Working Google IMA Setup, with Associated Video Assets

Before you start working with the Ooyala Google IMA SDK, make sure you have a working Google IMA setup, as described at

Note: You must have static ad tags associated with your video assets in Ooyala Backlot, on which the Mobile SDK relies. If these are not present in your production Backlot account, you must load them in your app.

If Google IMA is already working correctly on your desktop, you should have no difficulty getting it to work on mobile devices.

Structure of the Ooyala Google IMA SDK

The SDK has the following directories and files.

Directory/File Description
Documentation Reference java docs for the OoyalaIMAManager class.
IMASampleApp A sample application implementing the Ooyala SDK.
OoyalaIMASDK.jar The Ooyala SDK jar file you need to add to any new Android project .
VERSION Version number of the Ooyala SDK for Google IMA.
Note: The Google IMA sample app is available for download at the Ooyala Sample app Git Hub.