About VisualOn Integrations

The Mobile SDK for Android supports VisualOn integrations for VoD and Live streaming across iOS and Android devices. The VisualOn HLS decoding libraries improve playback and provide a more consistent and high quality streaming experience on a wider range on mobile devices. The VisualOn HLS stack is designed to solve the complex problems associated with HLS video and audio streaming for mobile device delivery, and you can configure your applications to proxy your video content.

In addition to device coverage, you can now leverage ABR to provide the best possible video delivery that seamlessly adapts to varying bandwidth connections and internet speed. To get started with VisualOn, you will need to download the latest Ooyala Mobile SDK (iOS or Android) from the Ooyala Support Site and obtain access to download the VisualOn libraries. You can see examples with our sample app repository: https://github.com/ooyala/android-sample-apps.


As of April 1, 2016 the Ooyala Android SDKs have been shipping with Google ExoPlayer libraries instead of the VisualOn libraries. While there are steps that you will need to take, moving to ExoPlayer will provide a more consistent, higher quality HLS and MPEG-DASH playback experience for VOD and live streams on Android devices.

As of August 1, 2016, Ooyala will no longer support the HLS player integration with VisualOn or provide bug fixes or improvements specific to VisualOn libraries.

In order to upgrade, you will need to