Required Closed Caption Setup in Backlot

Learn how to set up closed captions (CC) on mobile devices using Backlot.

A prerequisite to displaying language-specific closed captions for any video on mobile devices is to set up a Distribution Exchange Format Profile (DFXP) (now TTML) file for each asset that includes the captions in the desired languages. This file must be uploaded to Backlot and associated with the video itself.

Note: No programming with the Ooyala Mobile SDK is required for this most basic setup.

DFXP (now TTML) Format

Ooyala only supports the DFXP v2006 format.Multiple languages can be included in a single DFXP (now TTML) file; for details on format, see Supported Closed Caption DFXP (now TTML) Format.


After you have prepared the DFXP (now TTML) file, it can be uploaded to Backlot either with the Backlot UI, as described in Working with Closed Captions, or with the Backlot API /v2/assets route and the /closed_captions qualifier.

Effect on Mobile Devices

This most basic prerequisite setup displays a button with which the viewer can select the desired closed caption language.