Working with AirPlay and Widevine Encrypted Assets

The Ooyala SDK allows you to enable/disable AirPlay. With the latest Ooyala SDK the AirPlay button is enabled from Ooyala APIs on iOS 7.

The AirPlay button, along with other ways of external playback, can be disabled/enabled (given studio rights compliance rules) through the property:'allowExternalPlayback'. To fully enable the AirPlay feature with a Widevine encrypted asset you will need to make the following changes on the client SDK and Widevine DRM policy:
  1. Ensure that the Widevine DRM Policy has the default policy settings with the exception of allowing analog and digital output. Allowing the digital output on the Widevine policy enables the use of AirPlay. For customers who want to change other Widevine policy settings, please contact Brightcove Technical Support for your desired policy requirement. For more information about configurable DRM see the Configurable DRM.
  2. The Ooyala client SDK should also be configured with the following parameters:
    [OOOoyalaPlayer setEncryptedLoopback:true];

    and then to enable Widevine on AirPlay:

    [ooyalaPlayerViewController.player setEmbedCode:EMBEDCODE] 
Note: Content with Widevine Classic DRM is not supported in AirPlay mode. Using them together causes playback issues and visual problems for the end user. Additionally, Google is deprecating Widevine Classic DRM. We recommend that you use eHLS as an alternative, and are testing to see if AirPlay with PlayReady HLS is a viable alternative, as well.