Cuepoint Markers

Cue points visual markers provide the end user visual cues on the scrubber to show ad or segment breaks. This feature is enabled by default and compatible with iOS 7 and newer devices. Cuepoints work with Freewheel, VAST, and Google IMA ads.

To turn off this feature set the showCuePoints option to NO in the ViewController.m source. This is shown in the following code example:

  OOOptions *options = [OOOptions  new ]; 
  options.showCuePoints = NO; 
  self .ooyalaPlayerViewController =[[OOOoyalaPlayerViewController  alloc ] 
  initWithPcode : self .pcodedomain :[OOPlayerDomain domainWithString : self .domain ] 
  options :options];
Important: This is a one time configuration, once the cuepoint markers are disabled in the project the feature cannot be re-enabled.