iOS FCC 708 Closed Captions Compliance

iOS FCC 708 compliance has been applied using device level Accessibility settings. You need to enable Closed Caption (CC) settings on the device itself for it to be rendered in preferred styles on the video app. This one time setting, applies to any Ooyala SDK app.  For more information, please see the Apple user guide. Caveats: Supported on iOS 7.x+ only.

Note: Ooyala FCC 708 compliance is only supported on iOS 7.x+ versions. HTML5 and Hook are not currently supported.

To comply with FCC Regulation, we require the inclusion of QuartzCore.framework and MediaAccessibility.framework. You may mark MediaAccessibilty.framework as optional. For more information, see Getting Started: Setting Up Your Environment in Xcode.
Note: The native SDKs do not have any styling settings within the Ooyala Player. As of June 23, 2016, the iOS Skin SDK does not support FCC closed caption styling. We are working on adding this functionality.