Integration with FreeWheel on iOS

With the SDK you can rapidly develop rich, custom video application experiences for mobile devices. The SDK includes methods/classes to play videos, display VAST and Ooyala ads, query Ooyala content, and more, including but not limited to APIs for:
  • Playback
  • Playlists/Channels - Thumbnails
  • Info
  • Related Media
  • Live (New)
  • Ads
  • Analytics
  • Fully integrated analytics to understand mobile usage
  • Closed Captions
  • APIs for loading and displaying closed captions through DFXP (now TTML) files

What You Need

With the Ooyala SDK for integrating FreeWheel, the same advertising experience you have created on the desktop can be created on mobile devices when supported.

To get started with Ooyala’s SDK for FreeWheel on iOS, download the following:

  • Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS (available at Ooyala Downloads)
  • Ooyala FreeWheel SDK for iOS (available at Ooyala Downloads) (Ooyala FreeWheel iOS)

    Note: You must have static ad tags associated with your video assets in Ooyala Backlot, on which the Mobile SDK relies. If these are not present in your production Backlot account, you must load them in your app.

  • The AdManager.framework from FreeWheel website (you need FreeWheel credentials to download the zip)
    Note: While using the latest version of the FreeWheel libraries please make sure the version you are using is compatible with the latest Ooyala integrations.
  • Apple Xcode

Structure of the Ooyala FreeWheel SDK

The SDK has the following directories and files.
Directory/File Description
Documentation Reference docs for the OoyalaFreewheelManager
FreeWheelHeaders Header files for the Ooyala-FreeWheel integration.
FreeWheelSampleApp A sample application implementing the Ooyala SDK
libOoyalaFreeWheelSDK.a The Ooyala SDK library file you need to add to any new app
VERSION Version number of the Ooyala SDK for FreeWheel
Note: The FreeWheel sample app is available for download at the Ooyala Sample app Git Hub.

Essential Parameters and FreeWheel OPF Module Ad Set

To make use of FreeWheel in the Mobile SDK, you must create an ad set of type FreeWheel OPF Module in Backlot. See the Backlot User Guide for details. Ooyala allows you to store FreeWheel-ad-related parameters in a variety of locations. In order of precedence, FreeWheel parameters and their values can be defined in:
  1. Your app itself.
  2. Internal Ooyala configuration, which you can set by way of your Customer Success Manager.
  3. In the Backlot MONETIZE tab, Ad Sets subtab for the FreeWheel OPF Module type of ad set.
The sample app included with the FreeWheel integration for Ooyala's Mobile SDK includes the following lines, which show two essential parameters that must be set in your app (the other parameters are commented).
Note: These parameters must be set either directly in your app or internal-to-Ooyala by your Customer Success Manager:
  • fw_ios_ad_server: The URL for serving ads on iOS
  • fw_ios_player_profile: The defined profile for the player on iOS
//Set FreeWheel parameters. Note that these are optional, and override configurations set in Backlot or in Ooyala internals
[fwParameters setObject:@"90750" forKey:@"fw_ios_mrm_network_id"];
[fwParameters setObject:@"" forKey:@"fw_ios_ad_server"];
[fwParameters setObject:@"90750:ooyala_ios" forKey:@"fw_ios_player_profile"];
[fwParameters setObject:@"ooyala_test_site_section" forKey:@"fw_ios_site_section_id"];
[fwParameters setObject:@"ooyala_test_video_with_bvi_cuepoints" forKey:@"fw_ios_video_asset_id"];
[fwParameters setObject:@"channel=TEST;subchannel=TEST;section=TEST;mode=online;
player=ooyala;beta=n" forKey:@"FRMSegment"];