See the FreeWheel Sample App in Action on iOS

To get started, follow these steps to run the sample app Ooyala provides.

  1. Download the Ooyala Google FreeWheel SDK for iOS (available from Ooyala Downloads).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Get the FreeWheelSampleApp from the Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS Sample Apps GitHub repository.
  4. Open the file FreeWheelSampleApp.xcodeproj. This starts Xcode.
  5. In Xcode, open the folder FreeWheelSampleApp.
  6. Open the ViewController.m file: FreewheelSampleApp/Player/ViewController.m
  7. Update the FreewheelPlayerViewController implementation with your Ooyala-supplied provider ID code (for details, see Your API Credentials). This is shown in the following code example:
    @implementation FreewheelPlayerViewController
    - (id)initWithPlayerSelectionOption:(PlayerSelectionOption *)playerSelectionOption {
      self = [super initWithPlayerSelectionOption: playerSelectionOption];
      self.nib = @"PlayerSimple";
      self.pcode =@"your pcode";
      self.playerDomain = @"";        
    Note: PLAYERDOMAIN: Leave unchanged as This constant works in conjunction with Syndication Controls (publishing rules) in Backlot. If you have set Internet domain restrictions on videos in Backlot (see the Backlot User Guide), the constant here can be set to one of those allowed domains. If you have not set these Syndication Controls, the constant has no effect.
  8. Save your changes.
  9. In the upper left, select a testing device and select Run.
  10. The video is loaded. Click the play button to view the video.