Localizing the User Interface

You can set up custom localization strings for the UI text.

The Mobile SDK uses the Apple-provided, default iOS Localization mechanism. You can add a file named Localizable.strings to the SDK package to translate all UI text to whatever language you want.

Follow the guidelines from Apple at Internationalize Your App. The information and steps that you need are in the Configure a Localizable.strings file section, under the subheading To add a Localizable.strings file for each localization.

Add the following key/value pairs to your Localizable.strings file. You can then customize each value as you like:
"OO_SUBTITLES_TITLE" = "Subtitles";
"OO_CLOSED_CAPTIONS_TITLE" = "Closed Captions";
"OO_SUBTITLES_CC" = "Use Closed Captions";
"OO_SUBTITLES_EN" = "English";

For each desired language, specify the two-character ISO 639-1 language code in the OO_SUBTITLES_ key string. For instance, the following is for Spanish: OO_SUBTITLES_ES.