About Access Control

The SDK is designed to work with a minimum of security constraints. If you want to restrict access, you have the following options.
  • You can restrict the playback of videos to an Internet domain you have configured in Ooyala Backlot, either through the Backlot UI's Syndication Controls detailed in the Backlot User Guide or with the Backlot API's publishing rule routes detailed in the Backlot API Reference. This is discussed in the tutorial.
  • You can use Ooyala Player Token for Player V3 (Deprecated) to control access to individual assets (videos).

Other access control you might require, such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems or other configurations, although beyond the scope of the SDK, is available through Ooyala.

If you want to use OPT, you need to implement the SDK's OOEmbedTokenGenerator interface. For an example, see any of the sample applications, described briefly in Sample Applications for the iOS Mobile SDK. For documentation about OPT, see Ooyala Player Token for Player V3 (Deprecated).