Supported Configurations for iOS

The Ooyala Mobile SDK for iOS supports:

  • All devices with iOS 9 or later
  • MP4 and HLS streams
  • HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • MP4 video container (subject to Apple's cautions and requirements)
  • AirPlay for the following types of content:
    • Content only
    • Content with ads (Ooyala Pulse, FreeWheel, Google IMA, VAST)
    • Secure content with and without ads (eHLS)
  • Objective-C and Swift-based applications
Note: The SDK uses device-defined Closed Captions Style information. However, some devices, including some older Samsung devices, do not support these features.
Remember: The iOS simulator is not considered a supported Ooyala platform. For more information see Testing and Debugging in iOS Simulator.

The Ooyala HTML5 Player V3 and Ooyala mobile SDK for iOS are now certified for iOS 9.

On iOS 9 devices, App Transport Security (ATS) is enabled by default, which means that all apps using the Playback SDK will, by default, not work on those devices. To ensure your apps will work on iOS 9 devices, disable ATS by adding the following lines to info.plist:
<!-Include to allow all connections (DANGER)->
Note: iOS 9 Playback previously did not work unless you disabled the Enable Bitcode flag; this is no longer true. You can now set the Enable Bitcode flag to YES.

Important Update for ATS and HTTPS

Apple has been considering making App Transport Security (ATS) mandatory for all developers who want to submit their apps to the App Store. Ooyala recommends that you strongly consider enabling ATS for all iOS apps, as it may become fully mandatory for new app submissions soon.

Contact Ooyala support for more information.