Ooyala supports several types of advertising: in-stream, linear in-stream, and overlay.

Some useful definitions:

In-stream Ads: An ad that is played before, during or after the main video content. Linear video ads (pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads) and non-linear ads (overlay ads) and companion ads are all considered in-stream ads.
  • Linear In-stream Ads:Linear in-stream ads are video ads that play before the main content has started, during a designed ad spot in the middle of the video or after the main content has completed. Pre-, mid- and post-roll ads are all considered linear in-stream. It’s important to note that the main video content is not playing while the video ads are playing.
  • Non-Linear In-stream Ads: Non-linear in-stream ads run concurrently with the video content so the users see the ad while viewing the main video content. Overlay ads are considered non-linear in-stream ads.
    • Overlay Ads:Graphical or text ad that appears over the lower third of the main video content and is displayed while the video is playing.

You can assign linear ads directly to videos or assign videos to an ad set that contains a combination of linear ads and non-linear ads.