Changing the Audio Track (User Controls)

Multi-Audio Selection: New Language Selection Menu

Web Player

Ooyala provides a new, separate menu for selecting the audio icon. The icon is a ‘chat’-type icon, and is only displayed if the player detects that multiple audio tracks are available.

Note: At a later date, we intend to merge the Closed Caption and Audio Track selection menus into a single icon/menu. However, this will not be available in the initial release.
App SDKs (Skin SDK for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV and TVoS)
Ooyala introduced an upgraded menu that combines the following functions in a single menu, which is marked by the aaa icon shown on the player control bar.
  • Selection of Audio Stream (Audio language, etc)
  • Selection of Closed Caption/Subtitle Language
Unlike the web player, the app SDKs do not provide styling menus inside the app itself. Instead, Ooyala SDKs utilize the Accessibility settings for the device.