Setting the Default Audio Track

How the Ooyala Player Selects Default Audio Track

The Ooyala Player (for both Web and SDKs) selects the audio track based on a variety of settings, in a specific priority order. Since the default track can be set in a variety of ways, the order of priority must also be understood.

Ooyala Web Player

Default Audio Selection
Note: The following are the ways to set the default language of a multi-audio track generally. If the user manually changes the language, this sets the player’s language priority (web player only) for future visits. In the iOS and Android SDKs, the user-level language selection is stored for the app session only. User language preference history takes priority over any of the settings below, assuming the next video has this same language available.

In the order of highest priority to lowest priority:

  1. Page level / app level param. This is a deliberate setting from the customer to lock the default setting.
  2. Skin.json setting. Same as above.
    Note: #1 and #2 should have the following values:
    • none. This is the default setting. This means that there is no manual setting from the page/app level. Audio selection should be decided by the priorities below.
    • specified language or trackID.
    • browser or OS or platform setting. Detect the language setting from the parent of the container.
      • If the selection does not exist on the manifest, the selection should be decided by the priorities below.
      • If the selection contains multiple of the same kind (i.e. multiple of same languageCode), choose the first available.
  3. Back-end API: ContentTree, i.e: custom metadata key value pair from backlot that decides the default audio
  4. In-Manifest default setting. This may apply only to HLS version 4 that has the “default” attribute on audio track. Dash may not have this setting. This requires Bitmovin, AVPlayer and Exoplayer to report and/or to default to that attribute.
    Note: The Ooyala Web Player does not currently support setting the default language in the HLS manifest.
  5. The first audio in the track list. Choose the audio listed first.

Same as web.

Android SDK

Same as web.

Amazon Fire TV

Not supported in initial release.


Not supported in initial release.