How Nielsen Integration Works

This topic provides supplemental background information about Ooyala's integration with Nielsen.

Ooyala's Nielsen plugins for mobile apps work with the Nielsen App SDK to manage interactions in the background.

Nielsen App Framework

The Nielsen App framework handles the following tasks:
  • Creates and stores a Nielsen Unique ID (NUID) token locally.
  • Retrieves a configuration file from Nielsen configuration servers based on the Application ID (AppID) assigned to the application.
  • Processes ID3 tags (mTVR) and CMS tags (mDPR) received during video streaming sessions, and discards non-Nielsen specific information (for example, third-party ID3 tags).
  • Buffers Nielsen ID3 / CMS tags and transfers them to Nielsen’s collection facility.
  • Supports ID3 / CMS tag caching when users view downloaded content in situations where there is no network connectivity. Cached ID3 / CMS tags are transferred to Nielsen’s collection facility when connectivity returns. However, CMS tags will not be carried over to the next viewing session.
  • Supports user opt-out selection. If the user opts out of measurement, the SDK will notify Nielsen’s collection facility and will stop sending measurement data to Nielsen.
To learn more about the Nielsen App framework, see Concept of Operations and the Nielsen App API Developer Guide.

Ooyala Nielsen Plugins

Ooyala's Nielsen plugins for mobile apps handle the following tasks:
  • Relays ID3 tags and application information (such as the Player SDK application’s name, version, and appId) to Nielsen’s collection facility.
  • Instantiates (init) the Nielsen App object, passing the appName, appId, appVersion, and sfCode values as arguments via the AppInfo JSON schema.
  • At the start of each streaming session, calls the Nielsen play method and passes channel descriptor information.
  • Loads CMS data using the Nielsen loadMetadata method at the start of each asset being played.
  • During a timed metadata event, uses the Nielsen sendID3 method to pass the data object to the Nielsen SDK object for processing.
  • Calls the playheadPosition once every two seconds to pass the content view position to the SDK object.
  • Calls the stop method at the end of each streaming session, channel change, or stoppage of playing for any reason.
  • Releases the Nielsen App object for housekeeping.