Player V4

Ooyala Player V4 is a next-generation video player that provides an engaging, personalized, responsive, content aware, and robust video playback experience that is consistent across devices and platforms.
Player V4 implements a customizable skin that can be applied to three products:
  • Ooyala Player V4 for HTML5 is a Web-based player that runs in popular browsers across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Ooyala Player Skin for iOS enhances the Ooyala (video player) Mobile SDK for iOS by integrating the Player V4 skin in iOS native apps.
  • Ooyala Player Skin for Android enhances the Ooyala (video player) Mobile SDK for Android by integrating the Player V4 skin in Android native apps.
For an introduction, see Basic Tutorial for Player V4.


This version of the Ooyala player delivers the following benefits:
  • High-quality, consistent performance across devices (robust video streaming support with performance enhancements)
  • A robust, modular, flexible player skin template that follows unified Google Material UX Guidelines and can be customized for a branded playback experience
  • Easy integration with advertising and analytics services

Supported Playback Features

Player V4 supports the following features:
  • An enhanced UX for the default player
  • Customizable player UX
  • Content-aware player controls that are able to distinguish between the supported content types (VoD, Live, In stream video ads) and display respective UX controls accordingly
  • Responsive design (by default the player will resize dynamically when the size of the container of the player is changed)
  • Full-screen and inline mode
  • Closed captions (see Closed Captions in Player V4)
  • Social sharing - email, embed (web only), Facebook (sharing the web page on Facebook), Twitter, and Google Plus by pointing to the hosted_at URL
  • Discover related or recommended content on the player with the UpNext feature and Discovery tray on the Pause and End screens
  • Cross-device Resume (XDR)
  • Localization of player controls and error messages (English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, or your custom localizations)
  • Video plugins to support HLS and MP4, DASH and HLS, OSMF Flash HDS (Deprecated), and Akamai packaged HDS (Deprecated)
  • Configurable HTML5 or Flash video rendering. Note that all of the plugins, ad logic, UI, Player APIs, etc. are always in HTML5.
  • Live DVR, which allows the user, during live HLS streaming, to drag the slider backwards in time and to drag it all the way to the right to catch up to present time.
  • Integration with playlists created using Ooyala Theme Builder

Supported Ad Features

Ads for Player V4 are supported through the Ad Manager Framework. This framework allows Ad Servers to develop ad plugins for Player V4. See below of a list of ad plugins that support major ad managers.

Ad Features

The following ad features are supported in Player V4:

  • Pre-, mid-, and post-roll ads
  • Clickthrough, overlay, and companion ads
  • Podded and skippable ads
  • Configurable ad countdown, timeout, and ad replay
  • Basic ad settings and configurations via the Monetize tab in Backlot
  • Page-level parameters that override Backlot settings
  • Overlay Close and Learn More buttons
  • The ability to configure ad plugins on the page level without involving Ooyala Technical Support
  • My Ads configured in Backlot
  • Live Server Side Ad Insertion with Ooyala Pulse

Ad Integrations

The following ad integrations are supported in Player V4:
Note: The Ooyala mobile SDKs already support all major ad managers. We will continue our existing ad functionality support for the mobile SDKs.

IAB Standard Support

The following IAB standards are supported in Player V4:

Supported Analytics Features

Ooyala IQ automatically captures and reports Player V4 analytics events. Player V4 also supports integrations with third-party analytics providers through the Analytics Framework. This framework allows analytics providers to develop analytics plugins for Player V4.

Analytics Integrations

Supported Video Streams

The following platforms and streams are supported for this release. Future releases will support additional platforms. For details on which plugins to load for each stream type and browser type, see Loading Video Plugins. For details on which environments are supported for each platform, see Supported Browsers and Operating Systems for Player V4.

Ooyala Player Stream Type Supported Platform Video Plugin
V4 HTML5 MP4 Desktop Web, Mobile Web (iOS and Android) main_html5.min.js for all platforms and bit_wrapper.min.js for all platforms except iOS Mobile Web
V4 HTML5 HLS Desktop Web, Mobile Web (iOS and Android) main_html5.min.js for Desktop Web Safari, Desktop Web Edge, iOS and Android Mobile Web and bit_wrapper.min.js for all Desktop Web browsers
V4 HTML5 HDS Desktop Web osmf_flash.min.js (Deprecated) (Flash component used for video decoding and rendering of HDS) and akamaiHD_flash.min.js (Deprecated) for Akamai packaged HDS only
V4 HTML5 DASH Desktop Web, Mobile Web (Android) bit_wrapper.min.js
iOS SDK MP4 Mobile App N/A
iOS SDK HLS Mobile App N/A
Android SDK MP4 Mobile App N/A
Android SDK HLS Mobile App N/A
Android SDK DASH Mobile App ExoPlayer (see Integration with Google ExoPlayer on Android for details)

Supported Accessibility Features

The Ooyala Player has been built to support WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

Closed Captions Support

The Ooyala Player supports closed captions for playback, including popular input formats, language selection features, and configuration options. See Closed Captions in Player V4 for details.

Screen Reader Support

Validation testing for the Ooyala Player has focused on the following combinations of browsers and screen readers.
Browser Screen Reader
Internet Explorer JAWS
Microsoft Edge Windows Narrator
Firefox NVDA
Safari/Safari Mobile VoiceOver
Google Chrome ChromeVox
Chrome Mobile Android TalkBack
Note: Other screen readers and browser combinations may work fine, but because screen reader and browser implementations vary significantly, other combinations may not work as well.

Keyboard Controls

The Ooyala Player supports keyboard controls. Using the tab key to move the focus to the various player controls, player functions can be activated as follows:
Action Keyboard Control(s)
Play (Icon in video thumbnail) Space or Enter key to Play/Pause
Play/Pause (control bar) Space or Enter key to Play/Pause
Mute Space or Enter key on the Speaker icon
Full screen Space or Enter key on the full screen icon
Volume Bar Left/Down to decrease volume, Up/Right to increase volume
Scrubber/Progress bar: Up/Right to go forward 5 seconds. Left or Down to rewind 5 seconds (per action).

Customization Options

For this release, the players (HTML5, iOS, and Android) offer the following degrees of customization:
  • No customization. Use the default player with standard, out of the box settings.
  • Easy customization via a JSON config file that applies across environments.
  • Advanced customization. Developers can fork the player repositories and customize the source code.
The degree of customization depends entirely on your requirements. For details, see Customizing the Player V4 Appearance.

More About Player V4