FreeWheel Ad Plugin

Use the freewheel.js ad plugin to load FreeWheel ads in Player V4. FreeWheel is an ad server and ad management platform. Using FreeWheel, publishers are able to segment their ad inventory, define ad targeting rules, and take advantage of the FreeWheel MRM network capabilities. The Ooyala Ad Manager Controller (part of the Ad Manager Framework) handles when ads play and how video ads are rendered for FreeWheel ads. FreeWheel controls overlay ads.

Supported Platforms

Ooyala supports the FreeWheel ad manager on the following platforms for Player V4 for this release:
  • HTML5 web
  • iOS mobile SDK
  • Android mobile SDK

Supported Ad Positions

Ads served through the FreeWheel ad server (VAST XML) are supported on V4 HTML5 players and the iOS and Android mobile SDKs for the following ad positions:
  • Pre-Roll
  • Mid-Roll
  • Post-Roll
  • Skippable
  • Clickthrough
  • Podded
  • Overlay

Ads and Firefox Private Browsing

For consumers using Private Browsing windows in Firefox, some ads may fail to load because privacy mode blocks certain kinds of tracking URLs.