Ooyala Pulse Ad Plugin

Use the Ooyala Pulse ad plugin to load Ooyala Pulse ads in Player V4. Ooyala Pulse is an ad server and ad management platform, where publisher are able to take full control over their ad inventory, use targeting based on audience and video content, and raise effective CPM and sell-out rates with realtime simulations, dynamic ad delivery and alternative ad sources. The Ooyala Ad Manager Controller (part of the Ad Manager Framework) handles when ads play and how video ads are rendered for Ooyala Pulse ads.

Supported Platforms

The Ooyala Pulse ad manager is available for Player V4 on the following platforms:
  • HTML5 web
  • iOS
  • Android

Supported Ad Positions

The following ad positions and other features are supported for ads served from the Ooyala Pulse ad server on V4 HTML5 players and the iOS and Android mobile SDKs:
  • Pre-Roll
  • Mid-Roll
  • Post-Roll
  • Overlays (HTML5 only)
  • Skippable
  • Clickthrough

Supported Features

In addition to supported ad positions, Ooyala Pulse ad plugin supports the following features:
  • VPAID 1.0 and 2.0 (*), with these considerations:
    • VPAID 1.0 is supported only on web browsers that have Flash support.
    • VPAID 2.0 is supported only on web browsers, even in web browsers used on Android and iOS. For iOS, however, only iPad devices support layering, which means that they can display interactive elements part of a VPAID 2.0 ad. iPhone devices do not support layering and do not display the interactive elements, but they will display the other parts of a VPAID 2.0 ad.
  • Sponsor ads
  • Multiple ads for each ad break (pre-, mid-, post-roll)
    Note: This is not the same as podded ads in a VAST ticket, but the concept is similar to being able to serve multiple ads in a break.
  • Passbacks
  • Session Extension: mainly used to insert extra ad breaks in live streams

Usage Considerations

  • Muted autoplay is not supported currently with the Pulse plugin. Autoplay should not be used in combination with ads served using the Pulse plugin.

Ads and Firefox Private Browsing

For consumers using Private Browsing windows in Firefox, some ads may fail to load because privacy mode blocks certain kinds of tracking URLs.