Ad Manager Framework

Ooyala's Ad Manager Framework (AMF) for Player V4 is a unified framework for HTML web. This framework allows ad servers to develop ad managers for Ooyala's HTML5 players. Ooyala has built ad plugins for major ad managers to integrate with the AMF.

Plugin Support for IAB VAST and VPAID Formats

The Ooyala Player V4 ad plugins have varying support for IAB VAST and VPAID formats:
Plugin Supports
Ooyala Pulse Ad Plugin VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VPAID 1.0, and VPAID 2.0 formats
FreeWheel Ad Plugin VAST XML
Google IMA Ad Plugin Ads from DFP or AdSense ad servers that are generated in the VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VPAID 1.0, and VPAID 2.0 formats
VAST and VPAID Ad Plugin VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, and VPAID formats and LiveRail VAST ads
  • If you are using or Brightroll as your ad server with VAST or VPAID, you should use our VAST and VPAID plugins.
  • If you are using DFP or AdSense as your ad server with VAST or VPAID, you should use the Google IMA plugin.

Capabilities of the Ad Manager Framework

  • Ad Manager Controller: The AMF has a controller in the player, called the Ad Manager Controller, that handles basic functionality to allow ad managers to plug into Ooyala with less effort.
  • Ad Plugins: The AMF allows any third-party ad plugin to manage the entire ad session, from ad request to ad playback. The plugin acts as a layer on top of the video player, pausing the video player when appropriate to display ads, and resuming the player again when the ad break is complete.
  • Run-time Management: The framework has the ability to manage when an ad should play, handing off control to the ad manager.
  • UI Interactions: The framework can handle UI interactions. For example, it can hide or show the control bar, and send control bar notifications to the ad manager.
  • APIs: The framework provides a set of APIs to help partners develop customized modules for use in the Ooyala Player.
  • Extensibility: Partners and publishers can extend this framework to easily build custom ad plugins with any ad source or provider. Using the Ad Manager Framework, partners can build custom skins, custom ad and analytics modules.