Delivering My Ads

My Ads (also known as "Ooyala Ads") provides a very basic framework for playing a video in front of the main content. It's ideally suited for sponsorships and video trailers-type content. Pre-roll ads/trailers may be included with videos using Player V4 (configured as My Ads in Backlot). This functionality does not require a separate plugin or the Ad Manager Framework - it is available as part of the core Ooyala player.

Supported Functionality

My Ads support was introduced in Player V4 version 4.11.13. The current release supports the following functionality:
  • pre-roll or trailer video
  • MP4 format (only). No other delivery format is supported with My Ads. Check with your Ooyala representative to make sure this delivery format is available in your processing profile.
  • using either the main_html5.min.js or bit_wrapper.min.js video plugin (My Ads does not work with other video plugins)
  • My Ads are supported on mobile devices (Android and iOS) beginning with Player V4 version 4.12.6.

Limitations in this Release

  • Pre-roll ads are supported. Mid-roll or post-roll ads are not supported.
  • My Ads cannot be combined with other pre-roll ads from another ad plugin.
  • Only one ad per Ad Set is supported.

Configuring My Ads for Player V4

You configure My Ads in Backlot.
  1. Upload your video source to Backlot as an 'Ad' (see Uploading a Video Advertisement).
  2. Create a new Ad Set (see Creating an Ad Set).
  3. Add the 'Ad' asset to the ad set (see Creating an Ad Set. Specify the following parameters:
    Note: For Player V4, Ad Sets can contain only one ad.
    Setting Description
    Ad Source Select My Ads.
    Add Content Specify the 'Ad" asset to use for this ad (as created earlier in step 1).
    Ad Position Select pre-roll.
    Click URL Select either:
    • Use Ad's default Click URL
    • Use Custom URL
    Note: The following settings are not available in this release: Tracking URL and Ad Frequency options.
  4. In Backlot, associate the Ad Set with the asset (see Applying an Ad Set to a Video).

Embedding Player V4 to Play My Ads

To embed a player that plays a My Ad ad, you specify only the most basic information (see Basic Embedding Information, because all configuration occurs in Backlot. If you play an asset associated with a My Ad ad, then ad playback is automatic.
Note: In this release, there are no page-level configuration parameters to override My Ads settings in Backlot.
The following code example shows a basic page embedding for a video associated with a My Ads ad. The video (YOUR_ASSET_ID) is configured to play a pre-roll My Ad automatically during playback. Both the video (YOUR_ASSET_ID) and the MP4 video must be hosted in the Backlot account associated with the specified pcode.
Note: To play Ooyala Ads, the current release requires one of the following video plugins: bit_wrapper.min.js or main_html5.min.js. Using any other video plugins will cause playback to fail.
                <!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>My Test Player V4 Web Page</title>
       <script src="url_where_hosted/core.min.js"> </script>
       <script src="url_where_hosted/html5-skin.min.js"> </script>
       <link rel="stylesheet" href="url_where_hosted/html5-skin.min.css"/>
       <script src="url_where_hosted/main_html5.min.js"> </script>
      <div id="container" style="width:640px; height:360px;"></div>
         // Config option below contains the configuration setting for player skin. Change to your local config when necessary.
         var playerParam = { 
              "pcode": "YOUR_PCODE", 
              "playerBrandingId": "YOUR_PLAYER_ID", 
              "skin": { "config": "url_where_hosted/skin.json" 
         OO.ready(function( ) { window.pp = OO.Player.create("container", "YOUR_ASSET_ID", playerParam); }