Content Protection Feature Support Matrix

The following table shows which content protection features are supported for Ooyala Web Player V4, compared to Player V3 and the mobile SDKs.

Note: If a feature is marked as supported, this means it is supported for both VOD and Live Streaming.
Feature Player V4 Player V3 (Deprecated) iOS Mobile SDK Android Mobile SDK
Ooyala Player Token
Akamai Secure Token
Account Token API
Player Authorization API
Concurrent Stream Limits
Stop Unauthorized Streams
Publishing Rules
Syndication Controls
Backlot API for Rights Locker
Rights Locker API
Device Registration API
Configurable DRM
DRM Attributes for Remote Assets
Apple FairPlay ✓ *  
Microsoft PlayReady    
Widevine Modular  
Adobe Access (Deprecated)    
Adobe Pass      
Note: *Fairplay is not supported on iOS Mobile with Safari.