Programming Closed Captioning Using Player V4 JavaScript

Closed Captioning (CC) APIs enable you to get/set supported closed captions and localize the Player UI language.

The Ooyala Player V4 supports closed captioning (also known as subtitles) for VOD and Live Streams. Ooyala supports closed captions for VOD in our iOS and Android SDKs and for Player V4 (HTML5). Live stream closed captions are supported for Live HLS streams on Safari.

JavaScript Closed Captioning APIs enable you to get supported closed captions and set closed caption languages. In live streaming mode, the closed caption languages are derived from the stream itself. The Closed Caption functions are:

You can review the list of supported closed captoin languages in the topic Supported Closed Caption Languages.

Note: When the closed caption file is uploaded, not played, Ooyala uses a strict XML parser for handling Closed Captioning. Your closed caption files at minimum need to work with your browser’s parser.