Getting Started with Player V4

This topic describes how to begin using Ooyala Player V4.

Do you want to migrate existing players to Player V4?

To migrate existing players from Player V3 (Deprecated), see Migrating to Player V4.
Note: Customers using Player V2 should contact Ooyala immediately via Brightcove Technical Support or your Ooyala account representative.

How do you want to use Ooyala Player V4?

Integration Level Player Capabilities Include Skills / Resources Needed More Information
  • Use Ooyala-hosted resources (software paths, plugins, skin) that are automatically updated.
  • Use Backlot (only) to configure player settings.
  • Assign a video asset to a player.
  • Use the standard Player V4 embed code (see Configuring Player Embed Settings in Backlot).
  • Use Ooyala IQ for analytics.
  • Add standard Discovery configurations.
  • Use Ads (Google IMA, Pulse, Freewheel).
  • Use closed captions.
Basic HTML knowledge - enough to insert HTML code into your web pages.

(Standard + Customized Skin)

Standard capabilities plus:
  • Specify inline (page-level) overrides of Ooyala default settings.
  • Pull, modify, and host a custom player skin (skin.json file).
  • Pull, modify and host all skin resources (add js and css) - More advanced.
Basic skills plus:
  • Github access
  • Edit JSON file
  • Edit CSS file
  • Edit images
  • Upload and host resources on the web
Advanced Options

(Less Common)

Intermediate capabilities plus:
  • Configure ads using their third-party Ad providers (including page-level overrides).
  • Add additional Player V4 plugins for Ads (SSAI, VAST), and Analytics (Conviva, NPAW, etc).
  • Configure analytics using their third-party Analytics providers (including page-level overrides).
  • Localize the Player.
  • Configure playlists.
  • Customize Discovery Recommendations.
Intermediate skills plus:
  • Third-party ad providers
  • Third-party analytics providers
  • Playlist management


Same capabilities as Advanced, but enables using your own CDN for hosting all Player Resources.
  • Host all resources (plugins, skin) yourself
  • Select the Advanced embed code. Package and minify.
  • Requires manual player resource upgrades when Ooyala publishes software / skin updates.
  • Create and host your own plugins.
  • Roll up/consolidate only the plugins you need to use.
Note: Self-hosting requires the most life-cycle cost of all hosting options. Customers looking to self-host the Ooyala player should plan to regularly update the Ooyala player to newer releases.