Order of Precedence in Player V4 Settings

Player V4 provides many options for customizing the player experience. Where the same configuration setting (for example, player background color) is controlled by different mechanisms, it is important to understand which mechanism prevails and appears to the viewer during playback. See Customizing the Player V4 Appearance for background.
The following figure shows which settings take precedence in priority order (1 = highest priority).

Default Settings and Overrides

Every mechanism has default settings that you can override by changing their default values.

Precedence Depends on Where Skin Resources are Hosted

Where player settings overlap across mechanisms, precedence is conditional based on where the player skin is hosted. For example, if the default player color is orange in Backlot and blue in skin.json, the prevailing color (during playback) depends on where skin.json is hosted.
  • If Ooyala hosts your skin.json file, then the viewer will see orange.
  • If you host your skin.json file, then the viewer will see blue.
  • If you have no settings anywhere, the core default will set a color.