Prerequisites for Using Player V4

Prior to using Player V4, you must have the following resources.

Account Manager/Technical Support Resources

Please be sure to contact your account manager or technical support before you begin your migration.

Technical Expertise

If you are customizing the look and feel of the player, you simply need to be able to modify a JSON file. If you are developing with the Player V4, you need experience with JavaScript development. With the new player architecture, you need to load modules, such as the skin module, Discovery module, and ad module.

Developer Resources

You can clone, host, fork, and modify forked versions of the html5-skin and skin-config repositories.
Warning: Ooyala will support any pre-defined and valid modifications to the skin.json file. If you fork the skin-config repository and make non-valid modifications, or if you fork the html5-skin repository and make changes, we will not offer technical support for these changes.