Player V4 Skin and the React Application Framework

If you plan to fork the skin code and make more complex customizations, you need to understand how Ooyala integrates with Facebook's React application framework.

React and Web Applications

Ooyala Player V4 for HTML5 uses the standard React implementation for building dynamic, single-page web applications. Player V4 implements React's code structure with the controller and components. The controller, which provides the main logic, does all network calls, state management, and grabbing of items from the database. The controller passes on the state to other relevant components. Components are abstracted elements that have high degrees of functionality. They consist of a UI element and relevant logic. Examples include the HTML player controller bar, start screen, and widgets. For an introduction, see React's Hello World documentation.

React Native and Mobile Applications

Ooyala Player Skin for iOS and Ooyala Player Skin for Android use React Native for mobile native applications. For an introduction, see Getting Started with React Native.