Content Upload and Management

After you decide how to organize your content, you are ready to upload and manage videos.

To upload and set up a video:

  1. Upload the video. To upload a video, see Uploading a Video.
  2. Add any closed captions. For more information, see Managing Closed Captions.
  3. Add any custom metadata. For more information, see Managing Custom Metadata.
  4. Update any details and change the preview image. For more information, see Managing Video Details and Managing the Preview Image.
  5. Add any publishing rules that define where, when, and on what devices your content can be viewed. To add publishing rules, see Managing Publishing Rules. To create publishing rules that can be shared by videos, channels, and channel sets, see Publishing Rules.
  6. Associate any advertisements or ad sets. To associate advertisements, see Managing Ads. To create advertisements or ad sets, see Advertising.
  7. Specify a paywall, if desired. For more information, see Paywall Integration.
  8. Publish it. To embed the video on a web site, see Configuring Player Embed Settings in Backlot. To associate the video with one or more labels for syndication, see Associating an Asset with a Label. To set up syndications, see Syndication.