Stopping Unauthorized Streams

Your Ooyala Backlot provider account can be configured to allow you to stop unauthorized streaming in realtime. Then, to stop unauthorized access to an asset as it is streaming, use Rights Locker to delete the entitlement or contact your Ooyala Customer Support Manager to do it for you. The deletion of the entitlement causes stream takedown to occur immediately.

Configuring Your Account for Stream Takedown

To takedown an unauthorized stream, you need to take these steps.

  1. Contact your Customer Success Manager to configure your account's provider attribute for stream takedown.
  2. Associate an asset with a publishing rule that is enabled for stream takedown.
  3. Delete the entitlement for the unauthorized asset as it is streaming.

Preparing for Stream Takedown in Backlot

You configure your account using the Backlot UI to prepare for stopping an unauthorized stream.

In the Backlot UI

  1. Login to Backlot UI.
  2. Go to the PUBLISH tab.
  3. Go to the Syndication Controls subtab.
  4. On the left select the appropriate asset and examine its publishing rule.
  5. On the right, make sure the publishing rule checked Require Ooyala Player Token. If not, do so.
  6. Under Require Ooyala Player Token, make sure both Require user entitlement and Limit per-user concurrent streams are checked. If not, do so.

Deleting the Entitlement to Stop the Stream

Use the Rights Locker API to delete the entitlement for the unauthorized stream or contact your Customer Success Manager to delete it for you. Deleting the entitlement will interrupt the stream's heartbeat, so the asset will be prevented from playing at the next heartbeat.