PlayReady Content Protection

Ooyala provides support for PlayReady to meet the content protection requirements for high-quality content online in on-demand and live streaming formats.

Brightcove is pleased to announce the release of PlayReady 4.0 support. We have upgraded our PlayReady license server SDK from 2.0 of 4.0. This latest version of PlayReady DRM provides additional security features. Click here to see a full list of feature enhancements has been released since version 2.0. PlayReady license services maintain backward compatibility for legacy PlayReady devices. While Movies studios are making PlayReady 4.0 industry standard one of the main benefits version 4.0 brings is enabling the support of “cbcs” encryption mode with CMAF. Please note, our DRM packaging today is not using “cbcs” encryption mode but this upgrade will enable us to support that in the future.

All previously packaged video assets with PlayReady version 2.0 will continue to work however there are some nuances on compatibility as services and devices move into the PlayReady 3.0 and higher releases. Client devices are shipped with specific version of PlayReady Device Porting kit. This device porting kit enables PlayReady DRM playback on the clients. For details, device compatibility list see here.

PlayReady is a DRM technology by Microsoft used to protect premium content from being viewed without a valid license. It is used in conjunction with Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming protocol. Ooyala provides a set of comprehensive content protection features that work together to provide you with the ability to secure your content. We integrate with additional content protection technologies alongside Microsoft PlayReady to provide a full range of content security solutions. These content protection features include:
  • Content Authorization through mechanisms such as our integration with PlayReady. Information about PlayReady is provided in this document.

  • User Authentication through token-based options such as the Ooyala Secure Player Token. For information about setting up and using this feature, see the Ooyala Secure Player Token Guide.

  • Authorization API which is a mechanism that handles all authorization requests. For more information about the Authorization API, see the Authorization API Guide.

To give you the capacity to protect your content using your own custom player with Ooyala services and PlayReady content protection, you need to have a PlayReady library for your platform and/or understand how to use the Microsoft PlayReady SDK. This document describes how our systems work with PlayReady and is designed for software developers who want to create a custom player and use Ooyala services and the PlayReady content protection option.

Supported Platforms

If you want to have content that is DRM-protected with PlayReady, you need to use the supported platform's formats appropriate for Microsoft PlayReady.

Platform Streaming Formats
Microsoft XBOX Smooth Streaming
Chromecast Smooth Streaming
Roku Smooth Streaming
Fire TV Smooth Streaming
Other Connected TV (CTV) and similar devices To get a list of the requirements necessary for your CTV device to use PlayReady, check with your account manager.