Using Ooyala Player Token with Ooyala iOS and Android SDKs

You can use the Ooyala Player Token for user authorization with Ooyala iOS and Android SDKs. (Available only if your Ooyala account includes this functionality. To enable Ooyala Player Token, contact your account manager.)

Using the Ooyala Player Token with an implementation of our iOS or Android SDKs works essentially the same as standard implementations with some small differences:

  1. Create a class that implements an EmbedTokenGenerator. See the following topics for instructions on implementing an OOEmbedTokenGenerator for iOS and Android.
  2. Pass a reference from your created class to the player constructor.
  3. Add the following getTokenForEmbedCodes method:
    public void getTokenForEmbedCodes
    (List<String> embedCodes, EmbedTokenGeneratorCallback callback) 
  4. Inside the getTokenForEmbedCode method, call the callback .setEmbedToken(token), where token is a valid Ooyala player token for the list of embed codes.