Rights Management

The Ooyala Rights Locker is a highly scalable authorization system that enforces granular access control to VOD/live/linear content, based on rights (entitlements) that publishers assign to each consumer. Publishers can update the rights locker through APIs to grant and remove rights to either an individual asset or a “bundle” (collection) of assets; assets can be discrete movies, live events, linear channels or even specific virtual assets within a given channel. When added to other content protection capabilities (such as multi-DRM, encrypted streaming, and authentication), Rights Locker also gives publishers better visibility into usage patterns and revenue streams, such as the numbers of active subscribers, authenticated users and rentals or purchases.

If binding viewer devices to entitlements is enabled via Rights Locker Entitlement APIs, this binds entitlements to viewer devices. Mostly used for higher value (purchase or rental window) assets. As with Device Management, required by studios to go with a robust DRM deployment to open devices. This is a restriction with which users will not have an option to share their login credentials.